New and enchanting fairy tale slot!

Hansel and Gretel slot - a thrilling new slot from NetEntHello again! I’ve been very busy lately and I have not had the time to write here until now. I’ve been travelling quite a lot, as well as stayed home and enjoyed a few shorter trips with my daughters. However, that’s another post. This time, I want to talk to you about a new addition to the gamin world – a new slot in the series Fairytale Legends from NetEnt. The first one was about the Red Riding Hood and her adventures in the forest. It had a lot of interesting details and is a very nice slot to play.

The new addition to the series is Hansel and Gretel! Her we get to follow the youngsters Hansel and Gretel on their adventures though the dark and scary forest. There is colourful items on the slots, treasure chests, glowing dust in the dark forest and a lot of thrilling moments. In short – it’s a very exciting and mystical slot with a nice touch.

Hansel and Gretel has no jackpot, but it’s no problems. The slot has an RTP at 96,71%, which gives something to ask for. I would have liked it a little bit higher. Although, it’s a nice slot with free spins in it, and it makes the whole thing a bit more rewarding. Personally I like a slot with free spins in it, since it gives you a chance of winning quite high without betting. The max bet it €200 and minimum is at €0,10 – a fair span that gives the player a lot of choices.

I definitely like this slot and I will probably play it a lot in the future. It’s a funny detail that Hansel and Gretel are walking at the side of the slot when it spins. Once you stop the reels, they stop walking and turn around to look at you. Just like a companion in the deep dark woods – it feels a lot better!

How to test slots for free

demoIf you are a slots lover like me, then you might want to test slots for free before you play for money. Most casinos offer demo versions of their slots so you can gamble with fake money to try the game and all the features. Unfortunately I have noticed that games from some software providers can not be tested if you don not log in to you account. I don not like that. I want to try games without having to log in or sign up at the casino.

I think all Net Entertainment games can be tested without the log in process, but I can not try the Microgaming slots before I have signed in into my account which is to bad. If you are intresered of playing a slot you should be able to without any strings attached, why should you invest time in something if you do not know it is good enough?

In the beginning of the Internet Casino era you had to download the casino programs to be able to play the games. I am glad those days are gone and that you nowadays play directly in the browser. The development since the first Internet Casino launched their services have been huge. Now you can play in your smartphone, choose between lots of slots and even play towards a live dealer through a tv camera.

The slots are to day better made with better graphics and sound. And with the release of new slots every month there are a slot for every one these days you just have to figure out which slot that will suite you the best and trying out a slot for free is a key feature for me atleast.

I think the log in demand is a step back towards the old days when it was more complicated to play casino. The big leap for the internet casinos was when all the casino games could be played and accessed by only the browser and not by a third party program which you had to download. So the easier access to a game the better.

If you can not test play the game at the online casino you can always head over to the producer of the slots website, like Net Entertainment, where you can test all the slots for free.

Even though it is fantastic to play casino online, I still enjoy playing at a landbased casino. I like the atmosphere and the social environment. You can also play other slots than you find on the Internet.

Las Vegas is my favourite city, it has everything a casino player can dream about and of all casino cities Las Vegas is my favourite. I have been there a couple of times and I am sure that I will return some day. It´s not the casinos that attracts me, it´s also the food and all experiences you can have.

The good looking slots3 from betsoft

I really like the slot machines in the category slots3 from betsoft. Slots3 are the most advanced slots that betsoft have created. They are both graphically advanced and have superior music and sound effects if you compare to other slots. The slots has a 3D-like graphic that you will find in some video game, so it is really advanced graphics and kinda revolutionary.

The Tipsy Tourist from betsoft
The Tispy Tourist slot from Betsoft

One of their newest Slots3 games is the slot Tipsy Tourist. When you open the slots you will be welcomed with a little movie about an overloaded office worker that finds a flyer advertising a Miami trip. He book a trip and flies away from the heavy job burden and transforms into a relaxed tourist dressed in sandals, hawaii shirt, shorts and sunglasses that cheers on you when you play the slot. As you can guess, this is a slot for me, since I like holiday slots.

The Tipsy Tourist is a 20 line slot that have five reels and three rows. The symbols are flying tickets, shells, beach balls and drinks. You can win both freespins and a bonus round when you play.

Another slots3 slot is Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde where you can win 480 000 coins if you are lucky and hit the biggest win. The graphics in this slot is even more advanced than in the Tipsy Tourist. And the slot has a really cozy feeling even though Dr Jekyll’s sounds are kinda bothering.

The 4 Seasons is a slot with a Chinese theme and many cute animals. You start in the summer time and every 30 spin the season will change, which for me is positive since you wont get tired of the slot.

The slot father from betsoft
The Slotfather – a slots3 slot from betsoft.

My favourite slot from betsoft is The Slotfather. It alludes on the famous movie The Godfather. The Slotfather contains many extra functions, for example a bonus round and a free spin mode. But I really like all their Slot3 games. They are all well designed in every way and I could really recommend it to someone who are looking for a new slot to try out.

You can play the betsoft slots at Leovegas, an online casino specialized in online gambling in both computers and mobile devices. Right now they offer a huge welcome package to new players consisting of up tp €1000 in bonus money and 200 freespins. You get 20 freespins right after you have opened an account.

I don´t know if you can play the betsoft slots in your mobile at Leovegas, but if you´re curious visit their website from your tablet or smartphone to find out.

At Leovegas you will find slots from a great variaty of game developers. Games from Net Entertainment, Microgaming, betsoft, Play n GO are only some of all slots you will find in their casino. Nowadays they also have a live casino if you´re interesting in playing table games against a dealer over the Internet.

Easter slots

Today I will write about slots that fits in Easter time! There are several interesting slots that helps you get into Easter mood, since the software providers of course make a slot for every season so you can spin your way into the mood.

The slot Easter Eggs

One of these slots are Easter Eggs from Play n GO. It has a clear Easter team and contains both a bonus game and free spins. In the bonus game you can win up to 500 times your bet. If you win freespins you get three options to choose between. Each option contains a number of frees spins and a multiplier. For example, choose between five free spins with a 6 multiplier or 10 free spins with a 3 multiplier.

In the bonus game you shall open Easter eggs to win, and since I love easter eggs (well who does not) I really enjoy the bonus game. In the game the symbols on the reels are roaster, chicken, lamb, rabbit and colourful letters. The wild symbol is a golden egg.

The slot has five reels and three rows. You can choose to play with 1-20 paylines and the game also contains a gambling function which you can use if you wan´t to gamble with your winnings for the chance to double up.

The slot Wild Turkey

Another easter slot is Wild Turkey from Net Entertainment! The slot is suitable during both the Easter holidays and the Thanksgiving holidays. This slot also has five reels, three rows and an option to play with 1-20 paylines. The symbols are imaginative drawed turkeys and letters made of stone. In the game you can get stacked wilds and freespins and the maximum win on the slot is 800 000 coins.

In Wild Turkey you win freespins when you get three or more wild-symbols on the reels. If you get five wilds on the reels you win 60 freespins!

I like both of these slots and I like to play them during the Easter. I like the slot Easter Eggs a more because it have the bonus game. The Easter Eggs is for me the clear winner because it has a better tone and also gets me more in the easter mood than Wild Turkey.

Please let me now what your favourite Easter slots are!

The Mega Fortune slots

Previously I described two slots with a similar function. Today I will write about the jackpot slots Mega Fortune and Mega Fortune Dreams. As you see, the both slots has almost identical names. That´s because Mega Fortune Dreams is a revised version of Mega Fortune. But I will start the story from the beginning!

The first Mea Fortune slotIn 2009 Net Entertainment released the jackpot slot Mega Fortune. The slot theme is luxury and it contains not less than three progressive jackpots. The big jackpot called Mega is pooled between all casinos that offers the slot, and the small jackpots are local for each casino.

Mega Fortune contains both a free spins mode and a bonus game. It´s in the bonus game you can with the jackpots. You get to the bonus game when you have three bonus symbols in a row from the left. In the bonus game there is a turning wheel that you stop, if the wheel stops at an arrow pointing towards the middle you get to play the next wheel, where you can win either money, a minor jackpot or get the chance to play on the third wheel where you can win the big jackpot.

If you win free spins you have the chance to win both new free spins during the free spins mode and to win a multiplied wins.

Mega Fortune DreamsOne day the Mega Fortune slot became famous when a player at Mega Fortune hit the largest jackpot ever on a online casino. The slot was written into the Guiness Book of World Records and later Net Entertainment released a new version of the world famous slot: Mega Fortune Dreams. It was a new jackpot slot based on further development of the famous slot Mega Fortune. As you can see at the pictures, the slots have a lot in common and they both share the special bonus wheel symbol.

The jackpots on Mega Fortune and Mega Fortune Dreams are not pooled, they are separated. Mega Fortune Dreams contains new music, new symbols on the luxury theme and a new re-spin function. The re-spin is activated when you get three or more wilds on the reels. The free spins mode is also changed and in Mega Fortune Dreams you have to get three bonus symbols in a row from the right, not from the left, to get to the bonus wheel.

I like the old one better, I do not really know why. The graphics is kinda dated on the old slot but the music is so much better and I will never get tired of the catchy tunes. And I have also played it a lot so I will kinda miss it if I don not give it a go once in a while. I have not won a jackpot yet but I hope I will some day 🙂

One good thing to know about these jackpot slots is that the payout of your winnings are less if compared to a non jackpot slot. So if you play on the jackpot slot the goal should be the jackpot and not good earnings during your playtime. For me the jackpot is always the goal and I get so excited every time I enter the bonus round.

Gonzo´s Quest and Pyramid: Quest

Slot Pyramid Quest for ImmortalityThe slots Gonzo´s Quest and Pyramid: Quest for Immortality have several things in common. They are both produced by the game developer Net Entertainment, both contains quest in the game title and both contains the avanlanche function. Today I want to tell you more about these to videoslots.

First of all I have to explain the avalanche function for those of you who aren´t familiar with the concept. In short it means that when you get a winning combination on the reels, the symbols that´s involved in the win are exploded and new ones fall down on the reel and new winning combinations can be created. Its a neat featured and very unique and also very popular among the slot players.

In both Gonzo´s Quest and Pyramid Quest for Immortality there is a win multiplicator that´s activated when the avalanche function kicks in. The multiplicator levels up for each avalanche in a row you get. In Pyramid Quest for Immortality the maximum is a 10 multiplier and in Gonzos Quest the multiplicator can reach a maximum of five in the normal mode and a maximum of 15 in the free fall mode. The free fall mode is the same as free spins, which often end in big winnings so you will always keep your fingers crossed for a free fall during you play time.

Now when you understand the avalanche function I continue with a short description of each game. I start with Gonzo.

The slot Gonzo´s QuestGonzo´s Quest is a very popular slot with 20 paylines, five reels and three rows. In the game you meet Gonzo the Conquistadore that are searching for gold. In the game you can win 10 free spins/ free fall as I mentioned earlier. To win free spins you have to get three golden stone bricks on the wheels. The stone brick with a question mark on it is the wild symbol in this slot.

Pyramid Quest for Immortality has an egyptian theme. You can´t win freespins in this game, but there are another function besides the avalanche function with multiplier. In Pyramid Quest for Immortality you can get generated wilds when you get a winning combination, The maximum win in this slot is 3 600 000 coins.

Gonzo´s Quest is in my opinion more fun because of the free fall mode but also because the sounds and the graphics is a lot better if you compare to the Pyramid Quest slot.

Why I love slots tournaments

The slot starburst
Starburst is a very popular online slot

I love slots tournaments! It adds an extra winning chance and more excitement to the game. When a new slot are released the casinons often has extra tournaments to promote the new slot. Then I search around among the Internet casinos to find great tournaments on the new game.

A slot tournament is kinda simple. You play on the designated slot and if you get lucky in the game you will be rewarded for your place in the tournament leaderboard. You will keep your winnings at the slot as well. If you want to know more about how to play slots, I recommend this website.

There are many sorts of slots tournaments, and the rules differ between them. I am especially fond of the format where the winner is the one who makes the biggest profit in 20 spins in a row. But I also like the ones where the winner is the one who wins the most at a single spin, it is easier to get hold of and track how good your latest spin was if you compare with the leaderboard.

Another one I like is the one when you should play for a sum of money every day, for example €2. If you miss one day you are out of the tournament. You will of course keep your winnings and the player that plays every day for the longest time will in the end win the tournament which often consist of a very generous price. The downside is that these tournaments can take a very long time to finish, often months.

The tournaments I dislike are the ones where you win if you have done the most spins during the competition. I think it´s unfair and only favors the players with huge bankrolls and the players that can play for hours. And I am not that keen on spending to much money, I just want to have a good time spinning the wheels and hoping that I will get rewarded in the games and at the same time compete for prizes in the tournament. I also think it´s kind of irresponsible of the casinos to encourage the players to gamble for long sessions.

The best part about these tournaments is that you always keep your winnings in the game and if you get lucky you will also win extra money if you get high enough and gets a part of the tournament prize pool. You can of course play slots without being a part of a slots tournament, read more about that here.

I once won a slot tournament and got a first prize of €500, and a lot more on the slot during the tournament. It was really fun and a happy moment for me. I have never won a tournament since then, but I have placed myself on the toplist in several tournaments and received a part of the prizepool.

My best advice if you wan´t to start to play slot tournaments is to read the tournament rules before you start to play. Otherwise you may miss important information that makes you fail to compete for the prize money. For example, in some tournaments you have to sign up for the tournament before you can participate, and in some tournaments there is a minimum bet you have to make to be part of the competition.

As you see, it´s important to read the rules if you wan´t to be certain that you are a part of the tournament. If you don´t like the rules, then skip the tournament and search for another that have better terms and conditions. You shall also make sure that the prizepool is worth competing for, sometimes the prizes are to low to put effort to compete for.

Progressive online slots

fact about progressive slotsPlaying progressive online slots gives you a chance at winning large progressive jackpot prizes while playing your favourite slots games online. Almost all of the big software providers out there including Microgaming, Net Entertainment, Playtech and Realtime Gaming offer a variety of progressive slot machine games at the casinos that are powered by their software.

Progressive online slots work in the same way as the progressives work in land based casinos. In land based casinos the casinos under the umbrella of the company that opperates groups of casinos will setup progressive games that are connected together. This means that often times you’ll find casinos that offer the same progressive games with large payouts. The same goes for online casinos where by the progressive games are networked together by the software the online casino is operated by. So all Microgaming casinos will feature, Major Millions, Cash Splash etc.. just like all Cryptologic casinos will feature the Rags to Riches progressive game and so on.

My favourite progressive slot is Mega Fortune! That was the first progressive slot I played and when the slot was about to hit the world record in 2013 for biggest jackpot the casinos had really interesting campaigns on the slot. It was a very fun time and all casinos wanted that one of their players should win the jackpot since it would be really good PR for them.

In the end I think it was a player at Paf that won the enormous jackpot that´s now part of the casino history. But more about the slot Mega Fortune another day. Now shall I watch a casino movie about a team of black jack players. I think it´s called 21.

Please continue to read my blog and please share your best casino tips, memories or wathever you have on your mind!

Online Slots FAQ

faq about slots onlineThere are a few commonly asked questions when it comes to online slots so I’ve set up this FAQ (Fact and Question) section about online slots to help you if you’ve posed one of these questions in your own mind. It’s not exactly the most complete resource and FAQ guide to online slots however it should do it’s job.

What are online slots?

Online slots are software powered slot machine games on the internet. They work the same in terms of functionality to what you’re probably used to playing if you’ve played in Vegas or Atlantic City or other casino area before.

Where do I play online slots?

There are literally thousands of online casinos you can choose to play slots at online, however not all of these casinos are to be trusted. I recommend you check out my Online Slots Download section for a short list of the most trusted and reputable online casinos.

Are online slots safe to play online?

If you choose a trusted and reputable online casino as mentioned above then yes you’ll be safe when playing online. Ultimately a good way to choose an online casino to play slots at it by the kind of software it’s powered by. If you choose to play at any Microgaming, Cryptologic or Playtech powered online casino you’ll know that you’re in safe hands.

Are online casino slots fair?

Yes online casino slots are fair and in fact they are more fair then Vegas slots. Online slots payout percentages are generally higher than that of land based casinos as the overhead costs of running an online casino are relatively small in comparison so they can offer players higher payout percentages. To regulate the fairness of slots online the casinos use an RNG (Random Number Generator) to ensure that the games are completely random.

How to I make deposits and withdrawals to and from my online casino account?

Making deposits and withdrawals to and from your online casino account is fast and easy. Online casinos offer players several banking options as a means for performing banking transactions at their online casino. Players can make purchases using credit cards and various alternative options such as NETeller, FirePay, Click2Pay, Citadel, Wire Transfers, Checks, ACH and more… Withdrawals from your online casino account from any winnings you may have generated online can be paid out using various of the above mentioned alternative banking options (NETeller, FirePay, etc…), or by bank draft or Wire Transfer.

What kind of slots are online?

Playing slots online you’ll enjoy everything you’d find in Las Vegas and even more. Today’s online casinos offer some 60+ slots and video slot variations. These include several 3 reel and 5 reel slot machines, bonus slots and progressive slots.