I love slots!

Welcome to my gambling blog about slots! I love to play slots, both online and at landbased casinos. It´s an easy casino game, maybe the easiest of them all and everybody has the same chance of winning regardless of your level of knowledge.

I have been a slots player for decades and when the Internet Casinos started to open up I immediatly signed up at a casino to try the new way of gambling. I found it amusing and is still today a regular customer at both online casinos and landbased casinos.

I have seen the online casino market explode into a huge variaty of games, game developers and almost countless of bookmakers offering casino services. I like the progress so far and look forward to see what the next big thing in the casino business will be.

As you probably know, the development in slots has also been huge. In the beginning there where three reel slots with simple symbols and today we have videoslots with advanced graphics and special functions.

When I don´t gamble and try new slots I work with my own company in the it-business and travels. Travelling is one of my hobbies and I often combine the trips with new casino experiences. I am also a father of two teenage girls that lives with me every other week. They fill my life with so much joy and love and we have really fun together.